Cancer-root, Squawroot, or Bear corn
Conopholis americana

Squawroot is a spring flowering plant, but it is non-photosynthetic.  Instead, it is parasitic on the roots of trees, usually oaks and beeches.  The above-ground part of the plant is the flowering structure, and it looks like a pine cone, or even a corn cob (Bear corn), rising out of the dead leaves in the springtime forest. The cream-colored flowers are born around the outside of the 4 to 8-inch spike.

You will often find squawroot growing in patches. After flowering, it darkens over time; later in the summer it might even look like a pile of burnt pine cones.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Just found some today.

  2. Sandy Hoffmann says:

    Found one in Nicholson Hollow just north of Big Rag. Saturday

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