Eastern Smooth Beardtongue

Penstemon laevigatas

IMG_6420Jason Turman pointed out this mass of beardtongue flowers growing along a roadside at Primland. The purple-pink blossoms were buzzing with bumblebees at the end of May. Just like the foxglove beardtongue featured in the previous post, this plant grows 3-5 ft. in height and prefers sunny or partial sunny locations. It too has a hairy stamen right at the entrance to the flower tube that brushes all the bees that enter (hence the name beardtongue). Bloom time is May through July.

Compare it to a similar white flower called Foxglove Beardtongue.

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  1. this just solved the mystery of the flowers I saw today (elevation 2500- 3000 ft), along the roadside, very poor soil. But these beardtongue flowers are thriving in large clumps everywhere!

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