Round-leaved Orchis

Habeneria orbiculata

Round-leaved Orchis
Round-leaved Orchis

The early leaves of this green-flowering orchid are distinctly round, hence the common name, Round-leaved Orchis, and the second part of the Latin name, orbiculata. The leaves appear in pairs, and as they grow, the roundness gives way to an elliptical shape.

A single flower stalk emerges in June and develops very slowly. When the flowers finally mature, they are quite numerous and greenish white in color. Note the long, thin lip on the front of the flower, which is offset by the longer, curved spur behind the flower.

Also known as Platanthera orbiculata.

Credit once again goes to John Ford, for showing me where to find these subtle little orchids growing in dry woods in the Pandapas Pond area of Montgomery County. Thanks, John!

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