Ornate-stalked Bolete

Boletus ornatipes or Retiboletus ornatipes

Ornate-stalked bolete: ooouu la la!

I love the color of this mushroom! It is mustard yellow! And note the ornate, netted pattern on the stipe (a reticulate stem)!  The ornate-stalked bolete is mycorrhizal on hardwoods, and in fact we found all of these mushrooms in a mixed-oak forest at Pandapas Pond, in Montgomery County, VA in late August and September.

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  1. Kafi Akil says:

    I am in Hanover County Virginia my yard and the woods beyond me have some magnificent specimen of mushroom I have pictures of some would love to share these with the someone who can tell me the good ones from the poisonous ones

    1. Gloria says:

      Hi Kafi,

      I am not a mushroom expert and so would feel unqualified to tell you if something is edible or not. Obviously eating mushrooms can be very dangerous and mistakes can be fatal. I don’t mind helping you identify things when you find them (if I can), but my ID will always include advice not to eat anything that you are not 150% sure of. If you want to email me: ghschoenholtz@gmail.com

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