White Trillium

Trillium grandiflorum
White Trillium 

White trillium, or wakerobin, is a showy perennial wildflower that occurs in forested parts of Virginia (and most of the eastern states). The single, three-petaled, white flower is born on a delicate pedicle that arises from a whorl of three broad leaves (technically bracts). Other distinguishing features include three visible sepals behind the white petals. (I guess you can see why it is called Tri-llium!)

In my part of SW Virginia, white trillium opens in late March/early April, and stays in bloom for a few weeks. In some areas, you may find trillium growing in great profusion on the forest floor–and it can be a breathtaking sight!  The beautiful white flowers fade to pink as the flowers age; the plants eventually go dormant in summer.

Cool fact: Ants are attracted to a fleshy organ that develops around the mature seeds. The insects carry the seeds to their nests, and in doing so, the seeds are effectively planted. You can thank an ant today for planting these spectacular flowers!

Explore other trillium species here: red, yellow, painted.

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