Coker’s Amanita

Amanita cokeri

This very large, poisonous Amanita has white warts on the cap and erupts from a large basal bulb. The gallery below shows two Coker’s Amanita mushrooms before they erupted from the bulb, and then again a few days later.  (The veil is evident on one of the mushrooms.)  The warts on the cap will eventually turn brown.

The hefty mushrooms in these photos were 6 to 10 inches in height. They were photographed in the mountains of Southwest Virginia in late summer.  Look for them coming up soon after rain in August and September.

Mari, with Coker's Amanita
Coker’s Amanita in September, posing next to my 65 pound doodle, Mari

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  1. patteecee says:

    I believe I contacted you once before, earlier this year. Once again you have helped me w/identification, this time, Closed (Bottle) Gentian which we saw yesterday (9/20/14) on an AT section hiking from the pkg lot at Peter’s Mountain Wilderness. I am fairly sure it wasn’t the Stiff Gentian. If you email me, I’d like to share my photo, though a poor effort since I used my phone. Thank you for sharing your excellent photos and knowledge. Happy hiking!
    Patty Cargill, Roanoke

  2. Aaron says:

    I found a couple at Stumpy Lake Park in Virginia Beach. Thanks for all the pictures. It was easy to reference.

  3. just jane davis says:

    This tutorial was incredible….I am trying to xeriscape my yard…your article was sooo helpful in identifying species that I need ….your pictures are amazing….keep up the great work…I LOVE VIRGINIA😃

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