Honey Mushrooms


Armillaria mellea

Honeys! Here’s another new mushroom for me!

There are two honey mushroom species pictured in this gallery—both are parasitic on hardwood trees.  Armillaria mellea has a distinct ring, or annulus on the stipe and a partial veil when new; the gills are attached; the color is typically honey yellow.

Armillaria tabescens is ringless; the gills run partially down the stem and the color of the cap is brownish.

Honey mushrooms tend to grow in clusters.  The cap is dry to the touch and has a sweet odor. If positively identified, these mushrooms are edible, but they can cause stomach upset for some people, especially if they are not fully cooked.  Look for honeys in late summer through fall.

(Most of these photos were taken at Pandapas Pond and Mountain Lake Conservancy within the same week (late September).  The last two photos were taken on the Virginia Creeper Trail a year ago, September 22 nd.)