Spring 2018

Welcome back! Here’s my advice: Run–Do Not Walk– to your favorite wildflower location in Virginia! Spring is advancing quickly now that the temperatures have warmed up, and the number of species currently in bloom is astounding.

The following photos were taken today, May 1st, at Falls Ridge Nature Preserve in the Ellett Valley. Please explore the website for more information about each species.

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  1. Nancy Hosey says:

    Thanks for the updates! Just started following this site and have enjoyed so much. We recently moved to Virginia and I am documenting all the flowers planted in our flower gardens and in the woods. The pictures have helped me so much and I look forward to the updates!

    1. Gloria says:

      Glad to hear that my photos have helped you identify plants in your part of the state! Thanks for following me!

  2. Ellen Holtman says:

    Wow! Thanks for the photos! I need to get to Falls Ridge more often— did you get all those pictures the same day?

    1. Gloria says:

      Yes, there are many more wildflowers blooming than what is here on this post. It is a great time to go!

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